How Solar PV works Energy Independence for America®

NJ has installed over 3.7GW of solar power(SEIA). 1GW of solar power is roughly equal to 3 nuclear radiation power plants. Further, in the Garden State there over 500 solar companies working and that is 1 solar company every 20 miles!

New Jersey, along with 5 other states, commissioned 100% of its new electric capacity from solar(SEIA). A customer covering 100% of their current electricity consumption with solar can expect no risk returns of 20%/year when the solar is property owned. Once the system is paid off in 20% Returns on their solar investments. That is a less than 5 year payoff!

Ocean Solar® educates customers throughout the entire solar process. We make solar easy to understand and provide a seamless installation from signing to system activation.

Optimal anglesWhen you own a solar system from Ocean Solar®, it generates 100% of your electricity usage. This is sold back to the utility at the retail rate. The renewable energy credit market has stabilized with commercial credits at $100/Mwh and residential credits at $90/Mwh.  These credits are guaranteed for 15 years, and can be sold to expedite the return on your investment. Our goal is your goal, positive cash flow from day one. No money down leases and PPA’s are available for non-profits and businesses.

Installing solar means being a part of the solution.
We know installing solar panels is one of the most patriotic actions you can take. Ocean Solar looks forward to helping you on the road to energy independence.

Ocean Solar® is Energy Independence for America®.

Solar Resources

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